Who are we?

LIFE 4U Mauritius offers you exceptional products that are 100% natural, rich in antioxidants and unprecedented in the nutrition, cosmetic and wellness fields. Produced in France by Ecosystem Laboratory since 1989, they are recognised worldwide for their exceptional quality and effectiveness. Ecosystem has been operating for over 30 years and has become experts in their field while securing a number of invention patents. Ecosystem’s drive for continuous innovation has earned them international recognition in the form of the “Golden Eurisko” prize and other awards from some of the world’s largest innovation fairs.

Ecosystem’s products are distributed in Mauritius by a network of partners. If you’re a people’s person who loves natural products then LIFE 4U’s direct sales activity is made for you. LIFE 4U is here to serve, instruct and support you on your journey.


Our mission

Through relationship marketing we aim to offer products of excellence to a wide range of people. Regular use of our products helps to regain and maintain natural immune system balance and vitality, and promote sustainable wellness.

The team



Founder and President of ECOSYSTEM
Founding Partner of LIFE 4U Mauritius

Frédéric Pottecher is a research biologist from France with a lifelong passion for medicinal plants, patented products that are 100% natural and of the highest quality, and financial freedom. It is with these objectives in mind that he founded the Ecosystem Laboratory in France in 1989. His vision was to enable as many people as possible to benefit, not just from his scientific research and quality ingredients sourced internationally, but also by selling products directly, without the need for intermediaries.



Director of LIFE 4U Mauritius

Clyde’s background is in insurance and he discovered Ecosystem products when his father became seriously ill in 2016. When he realised how exceptional these products were, he approached Ecosystem’s management team in France with the aim of becoming a distributor in Mauritius, so that the Mauritian people could also benefit from Ecosystem products. Today he is proud of his contribution to the growing success of these products with the local population and the Mauritian diaspora.



Business Development Manager of LIFE 4U

Anne-Sophie’s fascination with nature started at a young age and over the years she discovered nature’s wide and varied resources in the areas of wellness and health. She is proud to be part of the development of LIFE 4U, a company whose products are created from the best that nature has to offer. She discovered Ecosystem’s exceptional range of products in Reunion Island in 2016 and has been using them ever since. Her personal and life-changing experience with LIFE 4U’s products is what drives her to make them known to as many people as possible in Mauritius and abroad.
We live in an unnatural environment where pollution, stress and industrially processed food create imbalances which can have a number of negative effects on our health and wellbeing. Our research at Ecosystem has made it possible to create a unique range of products that, when used regularly, will help you regain natural balance and vitality. Ecosystem products are unmatched on the market and are made from carefully selected and completely natural raw ingredients.

Frederic Pottecher

Our products

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All our food supplements* are available in liquid form, giving them better bioavailability. Our expertise has enabled us to obtain food supplements that are 100% natural and remain stable in liquid form without the use of preservatives.

*certified 100% plant origin, natural preservatives and additives, no added sugar, non-GMO and gluten free.


Mac Oc


Blue for Life




Li Ksirel


96 Antioxydant


Living Gold







Our research and development team has developed a range of innovative cosmetics* made from natural active ingredients. Their effectiveness has been demonstrated by studies carried out by independent laboratories.

*certified 100% plant origin, natural preservatives and perfumes.


Young for Life Serum


Living Young Cream



Our wellness range comprises a variety of products all having one thing in common: the pursuit of well-being. This is our most varied range which includes food supplements, an essential oil blend, and a device that uses pulsed magnetic fields to provide therapeutic effects to treat a range of health problems.

*certified 100% plant origin, natural additives, no added sugar, non-GMO and gluten free.


Extrait de Safran


Complexe Aromatique


Lumina Pulser Kit


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Become a LIFE 4U Partner

Direct Selling involves meeting customers, outside of a retail setting, to carry out the sale of a product or service. The parameters and conditions of this sales method are regulated by the law.

Direct Selling is also:
- a modern economic sector that is future-orientated,
- a solution for unemployment,
- a retirement pension supplement,
- a booming, dynamic profession which is potentially very lucrative.

There has never been a better time to start your own business. Don’t miss out!
If you love natural products, enjoy building relationships with others and would like quick returns, then look no further… Become an independent LIFE 4U Partner today!

Here are what our partners most often say when asked about the following topics:

- I supplement my income through direct sales of products that I love.
- My income on sales is unlimited, I decide how much or how little I want to earn.

- I can create my own business without any financial risk.
- I am my own boss, yet I’m never alone and I don’t incur any of the usual risks of setting up a business.

- I work in a field that I love, when I want to, from home or from anywhere in the world!

The LIFE 4U reward plan has been designed to enable you to achieve your goals:
- Self-finance the products that you yourself use.
- Supplement your income via direct sales.
- Create your own business by growing your team and network.
- Become financially independent with unlimited income potential via network marketing.

Anything is possible with your motivation, involvement and dedication.
With commitment and perseverance, you can realise your dreams!



    We care

    Our commitment to society and the environment
    LIFE 4U and Mission Verte have joined hands to protect the environment and to raise awareness of environmental issues. Our LIFE 4U packaging is fully recyclable and we have a recycling bin at our agency in Sodnac. We encourage all our clients to return their empty LIFE 4U plastic bottles to us and we will deliver them to Mission Verte for recycling. With this initiative, LIFE 4U is geared towards good waste management and is taking a step towards Green practices.

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    Ecosystem products are the result of years of research and are made from the highest quality, carefully selected natural raw materials.

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